Swan Valley Wines Extent Grenache / Sangiovese Rose

We have long been a fan of the Mourvedré / Mataro based rosés of Bandol in France. There was no Mourvedré in 2016 due to low yields, so we started searching for a savoury / mineral component to complement our intensely fruity, estate grown Grenache. Previously vintages of this wine have been very well received, so there was a challenge to maintain the accessibility of the style, whilst making some minor tweaks to the winemaking to ensure a long-lived wine in the Provençal style.

This was achieved by importing Qvevri through a contact in Georgia. The Grenache component of this wine spent six months in one of these 1200L clay vessels, allowing an intimate contact with the lees and development of a textured palette. The Sangiovese was separately fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks for freshness. In the Bandol style, both components underwent a full malolactic fermentation. The final assemblage has resulted in a full bodied, textural rosé, that has some affinity with Chardonnay’s stone fruit and buttery notes.

6 bottle minimum


Wine specs

Tasting notes

80 year old dry grown Grenache was harvested early and directly pressed into tank for a brief cold settle before being transferred to out imported Georgian
Qvevri, which are buried inside the winery for natural temperature control.

Sangiovese was separately fermented and matured to provide for a savoury complexity in the final blend.

The bouquet is a melange of fruit flavours spanning alpine strawberry to white peach.

The palate is soft and deep from this wine’s complete malolactic fermentation.

This wine has been bottled without fining or filtration and a samll edible sediment may naturally precipitate in the bottle.


West Australian – December 13 2012:
#6- Top ten West Australian Rosés (Rob Broad eld, Rockpool Sommelier)

Ray Jordan West Australian Wine of the Week: SVW Extent Rose 2012
“is is an interesting Rose made from Grenache and Mourvedre and wild fermented before further lees aging. I like the style a lot as it brings texture and flavour to the table on a light rose body. Lovely lifted strawberry notes with a beautiful palate. Excellent-92”