NV ‘Tank Half Full’ Flor Semillon

Paying homage to our kangaroo beast SVW logo design, we gave birth to a roo baby for this limited edition Flor vino.

Introducing our ‘critter wine’-
‘Tank Half Full’ is a Non-vintage estate Semillon assembled from three separate harvests and aged under ullage without oak.

Flor was occasionally harvested from other wines and kept alive via periodically removing a portion of the wine and replacing it with fresh material from a selected vintage, or salvaged and settled lees.

Bottled when the flor had nothing left to give.

Typical fino ‘spring meadow’ aromatics, with the Semillon adding a lemony freshness to the palate, in contrast to Palomino-based wines.

The ultimate food wine. Nutty and textural.

Lemony love.

Available now for a very limited time.

$48.00 is Inc GST.

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